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How We Teach


The Arthur Murray System
Your dance adventure at Arthur Murray is made fast, fun, and easy by our system of teaching, our amazing instructors, and our track record of over 105 years .  Your instructors will help you use Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Social Dance Parties to help you develop the patterns, skill, and technique to dance anywhere.  Just tell us your goal!  Whether it’s to reconnect with your partner, get ready for your wedding, impress at the salsa club, lose weight, or find an artistic means of expression, we can’t wait to personalize a plan to help you get there.

Our Instructors
Our instructors are carefully selected and rigorously trained in order bring you the finest dance instruction.  As they get to know you, your learning style, and become more familiar with your goals, they will help you become the dancer you always wanted to be, the fastest way possible.  We believe that where you take your dancing is entirely up to you.  Let us help you get there!


Private Lessons
Whether or not you choose to bring a partner, one-on-one (or one-on-two) private lessons are the cornerstone of quality dance instruction.  In your private lessons, all the instruction is personalized to you.  Because you are an individual of unique background, ability, and goals, private lessons will always be the fastest way for you to progress.  There are so many functional, stylish, and artistic techniques that are far easier to learn in a one-on-one setting precisely because every dancer is on a different path, and your instructors are only focused on yours.  Your teacher will keep notes of everything you cover on your lessons and will always plan the next lesson, so you’ll excited about the next step.  Because its all about you, your instructors will make sure they explain how their instruction will lead to the perfect wedding dance, the most amazing Night Club Two Step dip ever, or whatever your goals happen to be.

Group Classes

Group Classes are a fun and social way to reinforce your Private Lessons. Group Classes give you the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners (get better at leading/following), practice techniques you learned in your private lessons (repetition=muscle memory=natural), and connect with other students (friendly, welcoming people!).  You might learn a pattern, technique, or style that you haven’t covered yet in your private lessons, or you may review something familiar.  Whether it’s new material or practice, you’ll get exercise, meet people, laugh, and create memories you’ll never forget!

Social Dance Parties

Our Tuesday and Friday night social dance parties are a blast!  It’s just like going “out” dancing except your teachers are all on hand in case you don’t quite remember your newest Bachata step.  Social Dance Parties will also help you learn to identify the style of dance that goes with the latest Miranda Lambert or Maroon 5 creation.  You’ll have the opportunity to dance with teachers and other students to help build the confidence to shine at that next wedding or charity event.  And did I mention?  They’re a blast!