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About Arthur Murray Studios

The Arthur Murray System

Your dance education at Arthur Murray is based off of our system of teaching and track record of over 100 years.  Rigorously trained instructors will employ a multi-faceted approach using private instruction, group classes, and practice “party” sessions to develop you into a dancer who is technically sound, socially at ease, and able to dance with any partner to any music in any setting.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are carefully selected and put through an intense training program so that we may bring you the finest in dancing instruction.  They will work closely with you to design a program that is unique to your desires and needs, helping you reach any dancing goal.

Private Lessons

During your one-on-one private lessons, you will receive personalized instruction that will help you achieve your goals in dancing. Your instructor will spend the time necessary on technique, styling, and general dance improvement. An up-to-date record of everything you have learned will also be kept as part of your instruction.

Group Classes

Group Classes are an important supplement to your private instruction. They give you the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good dance habits, and meet other students in the studio. In Group Classes we emphasize technique, style, and variation of patterns. You may learn some materials that your regular instructor hasn’t yet introduced on your private lessons.  This will save you some time with your private lesson instructor, as that material will be reviewed and practiced for improvement.

Practice Parties

We hold weekly scheduled dance parties (practice sessions) for all our students.  You will have fun dancing with the instructors and students in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This gives you the opportunity to try out all the new dance skills that you’ve learned in your Private and Group Lessons!