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Our Programs

ami_couple4cIntroductory Program

This program is designed as an introduction to three or four popular social dances. Its purpose is to develop your movement, timing, and basic lead and follow skills.  It also allows your instructor to plan and prepare you for your next program.

Associate Bronze

This is the program for the impatient dancer who wants to look confident on the dance floor as soon as possible!

  • Develops movement around the floor.
  • Increased variety and technique as well some basic styling.
  • Gives you confidence that you look good out there!

Full Bronze

This is the standard for those who dream of being stylish and confident social dancers!

  • Develops timing, technique, and styling so that you are comfortable on any dance floor.
  • Strengthens leading and following so that you can dance to any music on any floor with any partner.
  • Gives you all the confidence you will ever need on the dance floor!
  • This is the fun part – you no longer have to think about your feet.  Just have fun!


This is fancy dancing!  Flashy moves make Silver dancers stand out on the dance floor.

  • Dancers develop continuity of movement to glide around the dance floor.
  • Advanced styling and technique bring out the unique characteristics of each dance.
  • Technique is very important to develop continuity of movement.
  • This standard is the beginning of the showy and flashy dancing to be used mainly on the ballroom floor.
  • A Silver dancer definitely gets noticed.


Our Gold Standard is for the Stars! This is an achievement for the hobby dancer.

  • Choreography, styling, technique and showmanship are hallmarks of this standard.
  • The smoothness and control of gold dancing make this a beautiful standard to sit and watch.
  • If you are a gold dancer, you will truly be regarded as an outstanding on any dance floor.

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