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Gift Certificate Packages

The Great Start! - $109

1 Introductory Lesson and 2 40 minute Private Lessons

Let us show you how much fun learning to dance can be! The Great Start will allow you to sample several dances, build some good dance habits, or polish up some old ones! We can't wait to show you why Arthur Murray has been the gold standard in dance instruction for over 102 years!

The Trial Membership - $149

1 Introductory Lesson, 2 40 Minute Private Lessons, and 2 Group Classes

Dip your toe in the water, and try some of the benefits the students on our regular courses enjoy! Your private lessons will get you off to a great start with all-important individual instruction. While you're taking those lessons, try a couple of our comfortable, small group classes. Feel the benefits of a little extra practice, and meet some great people who share your interest in dance!

The Introductory Course - $442

1 Introductory Lesson, 4 40 Minute Private Lessons, Unlimited Access to our Group Classes and Practice Parties for the duration of your Private Lessons

Ready to jump in with both feet? Try our full-membership course! The Introductory course is intended to give dancers a good grounding in the fundamentals of dance in several styles. Great for the dancer with a burning passion to become proficient in a few dances, or the dancer who wants to be able to get up and dance to any music. Very quickly you'll move from dance novice to experienced, informed student!

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